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Understanding Payment



All medical transportation is NOT covered by Medicare/Medicaid and Insurance. Here are some facts to help you understand what is covered and what is not.


In order to get Medicare/Medicaid Replacements/Private Insurance to pay for any transport you must obtain a certificate of medical necessity from your appropriate medical professional most typically being a doctor.


Even with a certificate of medical necessity, only certain trips are covered. It is important that you check with your specific provider to understand what is covered. We have listed many helpful hints below.


If you have a Medicare Replacement plan or Private Insurance plan your transport may require pre-authorization. It is up to YOU to call to verify benefits prior to transport, but this is not a guarantee you will be reimbursed.


Medicare/Medicare Replacements/Private Insurance Policies DO NOT pay for any transports to or from a Doctor’s Office.


Medicaid is the only reimbursement system that will pay for an appointment to a Doctor’s Office. (See Medicaid Policies)


HealthFirst Transport, is not affiliated with any county, city, town, hospital, or EMS Service. We are a private corporation. Your participation in the annual EMS membership plan will not cover your portion of the bill with our service.


It is important that the client understands their insurance and benefits before booking a reservation with us. Some plans do not cover non-emergency transportation. It is important that you check your plan before you need the service to determine your benefits.

Wheelchair and ambulatory transportation are not covered by Medicare and Private Insurance. 


We collect payment at the time of transport by Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, Cash or Check

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