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Helping you Choose



Deciding which transportation company can be a daunting task. As a consumer the only thing you can really see is that the companies have different colored ambulances.


How do you know which company you should pick for your transportation needs?


Selecting someone to drive you or your loved one around isn’t the same as trying a new candy. You can’t simply pick the cheapest or the one with the prettiest wrapper.


Here are some questions to ask when choosing a non-emergency transportation company:


What type of vehicle is being used?

Is the vehicle designed for the type of use that is required?


Many use the "traditional" ambulance configuration or vehicles with wheelchair lifts. Although accidents can happen anywhere, our vehicles eliminate any lifting or the use of any electro/hydraulic lifts of the stretcher/wheelchair with the patient. Another positive step in client safety.


What is the condition of the vehicle?

A well maintained vehicle can be 5, 10 years or even older and function as well as the day it was delivered. We encourage you to see our vehicles anytime you see one of our vehicles or one of our drivers. Stop by the office and take a look.


Can I inspect a vehicle at any time?

While our vehicles are in constant use, please feel free to look into our vehicles anytime you see our driver and vehicle. Time permitting, we will be glad to show you all of the features of our vehicles.


Is the transportation company licensed to do business within that county or state?

Believe it or not, many companies are not licensed to do business as a non-emergency medical transportation company within the state of North Carolina and the specific counties. They may possess a general business license and claim they are "licensed" to conduct business, but for stretcher transport, they must be licensed by the various counties and/or EMS and have appropriate reciprocal agreements in place to conduct business, LEGALLY.

What type of insurance do we carry?

We carry auto and liability coverages that meet or exceed what are required by the counties we serve.


Who will be driving you?

A highly trained, professional, courteous, uniformed driver will meet you each time.

What are the qualifications of the drivers?

Not all companies use licensed personnel to drive their vehicles. They may have a valid drivers license, but that is not necessarily enough.


At HealthFirst Transport we only employ Emergency Medical Technicians and those with clean background checks and impeccable driving records who are trained in American Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED. Even when you are riding in one of our vehicles, if there is an emergency our drivers are trained to handle emergency situations. However, many companies hire non-licensed personnel so be sure to remember to ask about driver certifications when you are booking your transport.




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