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We provide the best in Non-emergency medical transportation anywhere you need to go!

That's correct. NO CONTRACTS!!


What starts out as something great quickly disintigrates and there is no way to get out of many long term obligations.


You should not be stuck in long term commitments, because situations change, and your needs also change.



We have come up with innovative ways to provide the best and safest service possible to our clients.


We believe if we do not earn your business with each trip and service we provide for you, we should not be in business!


Poor service and inefficiency SOLVED!



We want to learn from any and all mistakes so that we no longer commit these errors.


It is important to have open lines of communications between the facilities, the patients we service and ourselves.


Safety, Service and Accountability

It's what we live by! tm


Convalescent Stretcher, Wheelchair and Ambulatory Services


We have a fleet equipped to handle people requiring stretcher, wheelchair transportation and people who are able to ride in a traditional car with assistance. These options enable those who use these services to ride in comfort and safety without the worries of how to get to appointments or other engagements. 

Long-Distance - Specialty Transportation Services


Relocations, specialty or long-distance transportation is available by request and can be done in comfort while receiving the best care and treatment available. We are Motor Carrier Licensed and frequently transport patients from North Carolina to many other states. Our transportation service can usually accommodate most requests. If you are in need of this service, contact us so that we can help you arrange transportation.

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