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Our Vehicles

We use environmentally friendly minivans that use the latest Eco-fuel saving technology, which protects the environment. We also inspect our vehicles through a 25 point check at the beginning of each employee's shift on a daily basis.


In addition to daily monitoring we regularly complete oil changes, tire rotations and balancing, antifreeze changes, brake, power steering and transmission fluid changes according to manufacturer specifications.


We KNOW that a preventative maintenance approach to our vehicles is more efficient and will potentially prevent our customers from becoming stranded due to breakdowns.



Who wants to ride in a "traditional" ambulance for non-emergent transportation?



Not too many people.



Studies indicate that those riding in a more "conventional" vehicle tend to feel better and react more positively to treatment than those traveling in a  "traditional ambulance".


This is another example of HealthFirst Transport leading the way with "state of the art" vehicles.


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