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Our History

Our founder, Anabela Zeitler, began working in the non-emergency medical patient transportation business in 2014. Ms. Zeitler and her team – a group of professionals with experience in different fields -- saw a need in their community for convalescent, non-emergency, stretcher and ambulatory services that exceed the expectations of their clients at a reasonable cost!  They each have a vested interest in the local community and want to make a difference in the lives of the citizens in their state that will, positively impact others throughout the country. Ms. Zeitler and her team founded their company based on a belief system that would ensure outstanding service, safety, respect and accountability.

Ms. Zeitler and the rest of her team helped set the "new and better standard" for all others to follow. The consistent, quality service helped the company to quickly grow. Through our customer service-focused business model and results that exceed the expectations of those we serve, we are proud that we are becoming the most prominent non-emergency medical transportation service in North Carolina.

​Due to our remarkable growth, we now have 8 ambulettes with more on the way to meet the ever increasing demands of our increasing customer base.

Most importantly, regardless of the amount of time, growth and changes within the company, quality patient care is delivered through Safety, Service and Accountability!TM

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